Solarist is currently recording their debut album with producer Jacob Porter of State of Illusion. Check back soon for new music, in-studio videos, and more!


- "Raining" & "Starting Over" available now on Bandcamp, iTunes, & Google Play.


- Solarist is now on a active rotation on Rock Rage Radio. App available on iTunes, & Google Play.


- Solarist has now released a exclusive live performance and interview with Mark Jones of The Hoodoo Music Podcast. Free download on Bandcamp Now.


Set List from - 02/28/17 - when Tom Carden (Front Man) of Solarist took the stage with Jacob Porter (Producer) of State of Illusion as they open for the one and only FLAW, Righteous Vendetta, Source, Second To None, & Headcell at Ground Zero.

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Solarist has just released a live performance from "The Hoodoo Music Podcast" sessions. For the full preformance and interview, Free download available on iTunes, & Bandcamp.

Solarist has just released their second single, "Starting Over" from their upcoming debut album.

Available now on Bandcamp only.

"Raining" is the first single off of Solarist's debut album. It takes the listener on a dark journey through clean passages and huge choruses, showcasing Vocalist Tom Carden's powerful and honest voice and the band's niche for crafting subtle, emotional songs.

Available now on iTunes, Google Play, & Bandcamp.


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We are honored to be a part of one of the biggest Radio Stations in the World. Reaching 101 Countries and hitting 1.4 Million peoples ears. App available on iTunes and Google Play.



    The Hoodoo Music Podcast

Episode - 009 - Solarist is a modern Rock trio in the Piedmont/Anderson area. On this episode, they bring us an acoustic set and some great conversation- some honesty and some levity, it's a fun episode. Let the sun shine in to that dark soul of yours and check them out at

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