Solarist is the birth of music that follows bands such as NirvanaSeetherSmile Empty Soul, and the Deftones. Seeking it's seemingly very different identity.
Frontman Tom Carden (singer, songwriter, & guitarist) is the driving force behind the band’s dark tone, & thoughtful lyrics. With drummer Jason Barrett’s ability to offset the darkness of the band with a brighter approach to the songs is the perfect storm. Once you add in bassist Nick Fox’s ground shaking lows, With the highlights of guitarist Drew Banks, you end up with some of 2022 biggest singles like “Life I Chose”,  & “Live A Lie”. New Record TBA.
Slave released 2018. Illustrate EP released 2018.

Solarist - Life I Chose

Solarist - Gasoline

Solarist - Heart Shaped Box

Solarist - Illustrate

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Solarist is a unsigned ASCAP artist on behalf of TuneCore.

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